Let’s Fly Away

Come on, come fly with me, let’s fly, we’ll fly away. Sound like a plan? I know, I’m itching to get away, too. Instead, I am stuck behind a desk, pounding away at my poor computer’s keyboard, so that I can finish up this book of mine – The Thing About Flying.

The problem? The more I write, the more people tell me their incredible, wonderful, weird, and ridiculous stories about flying. They express fears, hopes for the future, and dreams of one day jumping onto a private plane and spending a year just going anywhere and everywhere they please.

Are you one of these people? Do you have something to share? Let me know over here, and let’s see if I can’t help you. At the very least, you might just get a mention in my book.

I’ve also added a few entertaining, myth-busting comments about flying for you tfirst class business classo read through. And then there’s this – the answer to so many emails, so many google searches, and so many flight-long ponders – the difference between first class and business class.

Until next time, happy flying!